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certified electricians

Our team is highly trained and certified in the UK. So we always practice electrical regulation.

high-quality work

We offer the best service we can. Which has always been in the best interest off our customers

dedicated electricians

Solving electrical issues sometimes can be very difficult, but: it has always been fun for our team. Because, we are passionate about electricity and love to see people happy after all

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Our professional emergency electricians are ready to serve you with high-quality and fast services with 24/7 availability in London and suburbs. Most of the time we reach to our clients within half an hour.

We diagnose and solve all type of electrical matters such as commercial and domestic within an hour.

360 electrical Solutions

Emergency Services

We are delighted to announce that we now provide emergency electrical services; this is due to so many requests that we have received from customers.

Our emergency team is ready to serve you with 24 hours availability in seven days per week. We also make sure that the nearest colleague is sent to your address. So, you would not wait for longer than 30 minutes.

  • RCD keeps tripping.
  • Electrical burning smell.
  • Lighting problems.
  • Fuse keeps blowing.
  • Burglar alarm problems.
  • Replacing Broken or damaged sockets.
  • Water and flood damaged electrics.
  • Electric shower problems.


We provide other electrical services which some of the most requested are listed below.

  • house Rewiring.
  • Upgrade Consumer Unit(fuse box).
  • Lightning and Sockets.
  • Alarm(Fire,Smoke,Heat).
  • CCTV Camera.
  • Sounds Systems.
  • Heating Service.
  • Earthing and bonding.
  • Extractor fan installation.
  • Electric cooker installation.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • Three-phase Power.
  • Electrical design.
  • Landlords Electrical Safety Certificates.
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT).

Repair and Replace

As water pipelines need some repairment after a while; electricity circuits need some adjustment and repairment as well. They are different but have the same needs. We do offer electrical circuits replacement, repairment and enhancement that, increases the capacity of the electrical circuits. Besides, we also offer replacement of any electrical parts such as sockets, switches and, etc.


To prioritise the safety of our customers; we practice the latest electrical safety regulations and, This is the reason we offer sustainable solutions for domestic and industrial electrical needs. By sustainable solutions, we mean the services such as rewiring, sockets extensions, adding or repacing RCD or RCBO and, some more fundamental electrical works that meet your electrical needs for the long term.


In electrical services, the first step is to illuminate the problem to the customer. So, our experts inspect the electrical circuits first and provide you with a brief report including some sustainable solutions.


Installing new electrical devices is always exciting and easy, but you would be surprised if you knew what problems a faulty brand-new electrical device causes. It can cause electrical surges and overloading the circuits which, can be dangerous sometimes. These do not happen very often, but at Local-Electrician; we make it not happen at all.

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